Dog Grooming


Our Comprehensive Grooming Amenities Keep Dogs Gorgeous

We love every aspect of pet care! That’s why Daisy's Pet Retreat integrated a dog grooming service with our boarding service. This allows us to offer a single place to take care of your pet’s needs. Our facility offers:

  • A ramp leading to our bathtub to get in and out hassle-free (great for large and disabled dogs)

  • An adjustable grooming table

  • Specialty shampoos and conditioners

  • A staff that never gets their fill spending time with our furry guests

Our Requirements

You will need to fill out a grooming release and application before making your first appointment ahead of time, and fax or email to us at

All our other services, we will ask for proof of vaccinations to be faxed to us ahead of time. Your pet should up to date for:

  • Rabies


  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)



Our rates vary based on the dog's size, behavior, and condition of coat.

Full Groom

Our comprehensive package includes a bath with special shampoo and conditioning, hand blow dry, de-shedding, nails, ear cleaning, cleaning out the pads of the paws, and a haircut of your choice. Prices are:


$45 - 55+

  • For Papillon, Shih Tzu, King Charles Caviler, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, Springer Spaniel, Pitbull, Lab, Doberman, Cattle Dog, Sheltie, Schnauzer, American Eskimo, and Cocker Spaniel


$55 - 65+

  • For Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Great Dane, Collie/Border Collie, Flat-Coated Retriever, Mastiff, Mini Doodle, Setter, and West Highland Terrier

Extra Large


  • For Doodle, Newfoundland, Pyrenees, Standard Poodle, and Bernese Mountain Dog



Contact Our Expert Groomers

Let our team make your furry friend look their best!  Reach out to our accommodating staff to book your pet for a grooming session.