Dog Boarding Requirements

Age: We accept non-aggressive, housebroken, fully-vaccinated guests 3 months of age and older, who have been approved for boarding.

Boarding Agreement: We must have a boarding application/agreement on file prior to boarding your dog. We’ll need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records faxed from your veterinarian to this number: (517) 541-9519 or emailed to  Once we’ve received your information, we will give you a call to set up a tour!

Vaccinations: We require that all pet owners provide a veterinarian receipt to prove the dog is current on the following:

Distemper (DHLPP), Rabies, Bordetella (Every six months), and Canine Influenza

Feedings: All guests need to bring their own food. We feed twice daily unless additional feedings are needed at no additional charge.

Medications and Veterinary Care: If your pet requires medication (prescription or over-the-counter),  please provide a detailed list of medications and dosages and we will be glad to administer what is needed at no additional charge. We are also trained to administer injections, which will be charged at an additional injection fee of $10 per day.

Special Needs and Geriatric Pets: We appreciate and cater to guests with special needs.  Geriatric pets, physical handicaps, medical conditions/medication, separation anxiety, special diets or allergies, fear of thunder or fireworks…the list goes on and on!  To us pets are just hairy people, and they all have their quirks and special traits!  We are not only accustomed to this here at the pet resort, but we appreciate individuality!

Flea Prevention: We currently do not require dogs to have a flea preventive before entering the facility, but in order to offer the best protection for your pet we advise putting a topical flea treatment on your pet at least one week before coming to our kennel.   Your veterinarian will be able to recommend a product.Spoiled and Pampered Pets: We love ‘em and we’ll spoil ‘em too!

We reserve the right to refuse any client or any pet for any reason.