Main Facility Rates: ** We charge by the day.  Because our services are provided during the day, we charge a daily rate instead of a nightly charge.   Guests picked up by 8 am will not be charged for that day, with the exception of Sundays.  Sundays are always a full day charge.

Small guest    $26 per day
Large guest   $28 per day

For multiple guests, we charge by the size of the enclosure:

  • $46 per day for two guests in our smaller enclosures.
  • $50 per day for two guests in our large enclosures.


All guests staying in the suites receive VIP treatment…gourmet treats and daily spoiling! (Sorry, no human guests!) It is the ultiMUTT luxury for your furry friend! Read MORE about our suites here!

Because our services in the suites are provided during the day, we charge a daily rate instead of a nightly charge.

  • $40 per day for one lucky dog!
  • $54 per day for two spoiled pooches!
  • $68 per day for three pampered canines!


Special Services:

  • We ask that all guests bring their own food during their stay with us-please make sure it is labeled!
  • Medication administration:  We give your pets medications at no additional charge!
  • We have a Professional Groomer on site who is available by appointment or during their stay!

Individual Play Time

Wouldn’t your furry friend like some extra exercise or attention while you are away?  Just $7.00 per playtime in our outdoor play yard with a ball, Frisbee etc.  If the weather is bad, we’ll have them play in our new daycare room!  Your pet will love it!  Schedule one daily, or as many as you like! We also have nature walks available on our 12 acre property! Nature walks are one on one time with one of our staff enjoying a leisurely walk around the property! Nature walks are only $15 per walk!

Payment is calculated and charged at pickup.  We accept Visa/MasterCard/American Express.  Cash and local personal checks welcome.