Faces you’ll see around…

Katlin Stark joined our team in 2017 and has been an asset from the start.  Working for both our boarding and grooming services she is an intricate part of our operations.  Having grown up on a farm, she developed a love for animals at a young age and has dedicated much of her life to helping and caring for animals.  We like to brag about her grooming skills as she’s known for working diligently with fearful and shy dogs.  We asked Katlin what she liked most about working with animals — “Earning their trust!  I like to take that extra time to build a trusting bond with them.  Once they feel that security you see their personality come out.”  She has 3 dogs of her own, Bo, Honda, and Sandy.

American Sign Language Certificate 2015
Katlin’s Related Microchipping and Scanning of Companion Animals 2010
Food Bowl Modification 2009 – (How to modify food aggression)
Animal Fighting and Investigation 2008